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Lucha Underground Analysis (July 8th, 2015): Catrina, Ivelisse and Sexy Star Get Physical

Lucha fans! After a week of very little action from our favourite Luchadoras, I’m back this week and I have a backstage segment, ringside appearances and a match to show you all. Catrina, Ivelisse and Sexy Star were all featured, with the latter featuring in the first eight-person tag match in Lucha Underground history. Let’s recap the action.

Catrina is the first female in view, as she gets sultry with Son of Havoc backstage. Catrina says that her Disciples of Death will soon be gunning for Trios Tag Team gold, yet in the meantime, death awaits Havoc thanks to Mil Muertes, who will face him later in the night. Ivelisse bursts onto the scene, telling the Mistress of Macabre to “back off bitch”!


Ivelisse tries to grab Catrina yet she vanishes into darkness and Ive ends up on the floor face-to-face with Havoc. Angelico walks in and witness the “moment”. He hopes they are getting back together and they tell him just to shut up. I know I wouldn’t want to be that third wheel!

Catrina and Ivelisse later appear when Havoc clashes with the number one contender to the Lucha Underground title, Mil Muertes. A really fun match here that ends up with Angelico destroyed by the Disciples of Death and Ivelisse lifeless after having the breath squeezed from Catrina. Cat getting physical finally is bloody fantastic!

Finally, Sexy Star’s downward spiral continued in the main event as she was pinned by Johnny Mundo. Albeit it wasn’t a clean loss, but it is her fourth in a row. Sexy’s star is sadly diminishing!

Thoughts: Another really entertaining week on Lucha Underground. It is really a shame that Ivelisse still isn’t mobile enough to work and I just hope that she is well enough to properly compete at Ultia Lucha. The storyline here has managed to progress well, although the story is more about the champions’ relaionships and less about a legitimate beef between them and their future challengers.

Sexy’s fourth loss in a row is really disappointing too. Yes, she was still headlining the show in a first-time ever situation, yet she has lost some serious momentum since her last win against Pentagon Jr. Can Sexy end the season on a high? Getting her hands on one of those Aztec medallions would help!

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