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Lucha Underground Analysis (June 3rd, 2015): Sexy Star is Pushed to Her Limit

Hello Diva Dirt readers and welcome to this week’s Lucha Underground Analysis! Some pretty monumental occurrences took place this week, with the highlight being Sexy Star facing Pentagon Jr. in the first ever Submission match in LU history.

Elsewhere, Black Lotus finally made her way into the temple. Thankfully, she knew not to trust Chavo “Douchebag” Guerrero. In addition to that, Ivelisse was “in action”, defending the Trios Tag Team Titles against the incredibly random team of Big Ryck, Cage and Delevar Davairi.

We have lots to get through, so I think it is time we get cracking!

Darin Cueto is seen liaising with Chavo Guerrero in our first segment of interest of the night. Chavo says that as a Guerrero, he will always work for the highest bidder. He tells Cueto that if he can have round the clock protection from Mexico, he will hand Black Lotus over on a silver platter.

Later, Chavo is seen chatting with Black Lotus in the locker room and he says he has managed to get her booked into her first match tonight. His BS doesn’t wash with Lotus, and she proceeds to kick the sh*t out of him in an awesome cinematic sequence!

The Crew show up (the two members that are still alive anyway) and although Lotus deals with them, she is taken down and knocked unconscious by Chavo.

Our next port of call is the temple’s main arena as Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc defend their Trios Tag Team titles. And I thought their team was random. Due to Ive being unable to wrestle still, the story of this match is that Ive takes a seat in the crowd when her partners refuse to tag her in.

She later provides a distraction, as does Texano, which leads to Ivelisse’s team keeping their gold.

Black Lotus’s saga continues next as her tied up and gagged body is dragged into Dario Cueto’s office. Lotus tries her best to wriggle free yet Dario says that he will keep her a she is and find her a spot next to his brother, Matanza. *Gulp*

We don’t see anymore of Black Lotus during the show, so we have to presume that instead of doing the logical thing and throwing her to her death right away, he’s going to torture her for a week for dramatic effect.

The producers be like: “Hey Dario, we haven’t got enough time this episode to show her die. Can you hold out until next week?”

It is now main event time and unlike Ivelisse’s match, a woman is actually properly wrestling in this one. Sexy Star faces Pentagon Jr in a Submission Match. Putting a female in the first match of this calibre is fantastic.

Main event time and get ready for a bumpy ride! Look out for Pentagon’s mind-blowingly unique submissions! That package piledriver too. <3 Thoughts: Did I just watch Lucha Underground or Game of Thrones? So many plot twists, I bloody loved it.

I’m going to quickly skim over the only negative of the night, the Trios division. I said weeks ago that if the division was to be established , teams shouldn’t feel like they were just grown together with team members that have no chemistry. That was exactly had happened again this week.

I understand Ivelisse is injured yet I honestly think the team shouldn’t wrestle or build up a feud between or member of the team with an outsider until Ivelisse is 100%. I like that they played up on their dysfunction this week yet I think as I’m just used to seeing the luchadoras be used so well, seeing Ivelisse not doing much is strange.

And now to the positives – everything else. The twist with Superfly attacking Sexy was amazing. She may have lost yet it was far from clean which I am really happy about.

The match itself was amazing. Commentary told a fantastic story – as did Sexy with her very basic submissions – and then you really felt like she was going to win when she ha the single leg crab locked in. Brilliant storytelling. Pentagon’s submission were amazing too, and all were excellent sold by Sexy.

I am so glad Chavo remained a heel too and that the revelation of his true intentions happened quickly. This story has been a real slow burn so I’m glad that it wasn’t dragged out too much again and the latest plot arc progressed quickly.

The fight sequence backstage was so well done and was another example of how fantastic this story has been. I cannot wait for next week.

Three females once again were presented front and centre in the limelight. So many amazing storylines are running alongside one another and Vampiro will maybe soon aligning with Sexy. Despite him being, well… old, I’m looking forward to it after the amazing cinematic segment at the end featuring him! Bring on the team of Sexy Vamp!

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