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Lucha Underground Analysis (June 8th, 2016): Ive and Taya enter Number One Contender territory

Welcome to the first Lucha Underground Analysis in three weeks! After a few weeks of having the Luchadoras in supporting roles of not much significance, three of them are back in action this week, another makes her first appearance in the actual arena since she murdered someone and another is seen for the first time since being buried in a casket. Just a normal episode then.

We open the show with Black Lotus complaining to Dario Cueto. She says that she stopped El Dragon Azteca Jr from attacking Matanza after he found where the Monster is kept. She questions she should have though because she has more doubts than ever about whether siding with Dario was the right choice. Dario says that he has been the only one telling her the truth. As a reward for her service to him, Dario books Lotus’ first match, which will be at ULTIMA LUCHA! She will face El Dragon Azteca Jr. Talk about high stakes! Dario says that once she defeats him, she can take his mask back to the Black Lotus triad, whatever the hell that is. Confusion of that aside, this sounds amazing. I wanted the story to pick up and boy has it!

All but one of our ladies are in action during the main event segment, three of them being involved in the match itself. Black Lotus is seen on the outside, her first steps inside the actual arena in a very long time. In quite the Strange Bedfellows situation, two makeshift teams of some of the most popular members of the Lucha Underground roster. One team is full of fan favorites, and the other is incredibly varied. We have Sexy Star teaming with Rey Mysterio, The Mac, Prince Puma, Son of Havoc and Texano taking on the team of Ivelisse, Taya, Johnny Mundo, Fenix, Pentagon Jr and King Cuerno. This lot would make up quite the list of house party guests…

The winning team will then face off next week in a 6-way elimination match, the victor in that match will then face Matanza for the Lucha Underground Title at Ultima Lucha Dos! With a stipulation like that on the horizon, that also means Season 2 will soon be coming to an end – BOOOO! At least we know Season 3 has more or less finished taping. No uncertainty like after last season!

Finally, Catrina has risen from the coffin she was sealed in by Matanza, and she resurrects Mil Muertes. What will their next move be?

Thoughts: That match was a real treat. Each individual match-up was a gorgeous exhibition for everyone involved, and then it evolved into an aerial showcase. A spot fest this match was, but it was heaven for the senses! I know he isn’t a woman, but Fenix’s corkscrew dive was sheer perfection!

Speaking of dives, Ive and Sexy through their proverbial balls to the wall and did really well. I have said in the past that both of them can get a little lost in the pack when going toe-to-toe with the boys, but they didn’t miss a beat here. Vampiro‘s commentary really put over Ivelisse – his rhetoric and her solid work made for a cool combo.

Do I think either Taya or Ivelisse will win next week? Sadly not, but it is amazing to see them enter Number One Contender territory. I suspect they will cost each other the win next week, leading to a face-off at Ultima Lucha. As for Sexy, she will no doubt be in the third Gift of the Gods crowning match and keep her streak of being in all three of those matches in tact. For someone who is so deservedly over, she has every right to be the only person with that distinction. LU bosses could always have her win the title too – that would be so hard would it?

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