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Lucha Underground Analysis (March 9th, 2016): Mariposa Rises, Sexy Star Crumbles

Another night in The Temple, another monumental turn of events! This week on Lucha Underground, Marty “The Moth” Martinez‘s sister Mariposa makes her shocking and quite stunning debut, whilst Taya Valkyrie scraps with Cage in a No Disqualification match. Talk about a big mountain to climb in your debut match! Throw in some licks of death from Catrina and an Ivelisse sighting, we are onto a winner when it comes to entertainment!

Starting out proceedings this week is Sexy Star, who is greeted by The Mac in the locker room area:

He tells Sexy that he has a match tonight with Marty, and wants her to be in his corner. When Sexy shakes her head, The Mac is disappointed. He says that the Sexy he knows doesn’t run and hide, and is an ass kicker! After being motivated, Sexy agrees to accompany The Mac later on.

First up tonight within the arena area, we’ve got that aforementioned singles match between Marty “The Moth” and The Mac:

When The Mac looks to seal the deal and bag a win, the lights begin to flicker, completely throwing him off his game. All of a sudden, attention turns to the entrance area, as a woman in an incredibly unique get-up makes her way to ringside. Baffled, The Mac ends up thrown from the top rope by Marty, who then finished Mac off with a top rope curb stomp.

Outside of the ring, Sexy has been reduced to a shivering wreck, what with her two captors in a dominant position. Marty introduces Mariposa to the world, before she introduces her foot to Sexy’s face with a devastating shot. The creepy music playing amplified Mariposa’s presence too. I can’t wait for this enigma to unravel.

It is now time for our match of the night featuring a female competitor, Taya’s debut match against Cage:

Now that is a tall order. The match was originally announced Cage vs Johnny Mundo, but Taya steps in, telling Cage that although he is a machine and not a man, she hopes he has the BALLS to take her own. Strong delivery on the mic from her. Such a ballsy performance for a female character!

Taya shoves and slaps Cage in the early going, and that leaves Cage seething! He wasn’t sure how to handle her at first, but soon finds that hitting her with a clothesline and fireman’s carry powerslam is a rather fun way to spend his time. Cage then hit a mighty reverse TKO, but Taya kicks out. She followed that showing of resilience with a low blow, showcasing her craftiness as well! Taya then blasts Cage with a kick and dropkick tandem. Moving from strikes to maneuvers, Taya decks Cage with a stunning tornado DDT, hitting running knees as an icing on the cake.

Not enough to put Cage away, Taya grabs a lead pipe to dish out more punishment. Unfortunately for her, it is Cage who deals out the pain. In a brutal couple of spots, Cage rams Taya in the temple fencing and then powerbombs her INTO THE STEEL RING POST!! She hits her tailbone on the steps on the way down too. Because those weren’t enough powerbombs, Cage destroys her with two more in the ring. Surely that is enough to satsify Cage’s appetite, right? Wrong.

Cage sets up two tables. Oh dear. Stood on the second rope, he picks Taya from out of the ring… and SUPERPLEXES HER THROUGH THE TABLES. Oh. My. God. Just when Cage wants to bring even more devastation, Johnny Mundo runs to avenge the beatdown he received a few weeks back. He clocks Cage with the pipe, but that still isn’t enough to keep this machine down. Johnny then looks under the ring and retrieves glass bottles and a cinder block! Johnny spits on Cage and was perhaps thinking of piledriving Cage onto the concrete, but Cage counters with an Alabama Slam.

Firmly in the driving seat. Cage tries to curb stomp Mundo onto the block, but Taya thwarts that move. Johnny then hits Cage with the sugar glass bottles on the back of the head, and in the face (WOW!) but Cage is having none of it. A cowardly Johnny then jolts out of the ring, leaving Taya to fall victim to Weapon X. I am not bothered in the slightest that Taya lost as she looked so amazing here. Great storytelling and jaw-dropping action!

Up next Ivelisse is seen leaving Catrina’s office backstage:

Angelico and Son of Havoc are waiting for her outside, and ask how she did. Ivelisse says that she’s gotten them their title rematch. If they lose though, their out of Lucha Underground for good. The guys are pissed off, but Ivelisse is confident they they are going to win next week. At least someone isn’t being a Debbie Downer!

Finally, if you’re a big fan of Catrina’s licks of death, well she has a double whammy for you this week:

After what was a phenomenal match, Mil Muertes pins both Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma at the same time. Following that, Catrina dishes out some saliva. Cutting their celebration short though is Fenix. He announces that he is cashing in his Gift of the Gods championship. The title match is set for next week!

Thoughts: I’m bowing down to Taya Valkyrie! Holy cow, the bumps she took were absolutely incredible. It’s a shame we didn’t get to hear more about her history with Cage and Johnny, but that is more only negative. Taya got some nice offense in, although quite frankly, it was the abuse she took that impressed me most. That is what is noteworthy here. That suplex spot through the tables was breathtaking and her DDT was epic. Her mic works was super fun too. Very impressive showing for Taya. Who cares that she lost? She delivered an edge-of-your-seat performance in a No DQ match… in her debut match no less! This feud is at from over and what a bloody good start to Taya’s inclusion!

On top of Taya’s awesome debut match, we also saw the first appearance of much-eluded to Mariposa. Melissa, is that you girl?! Oh heyyyy. A solid start here for Mariposa, who looks fantastic. Her look is perhaps the most unique in the entire company. She and Marty are going to be a dangerous combination. I also know for a firm fact that she will be the Moth representative that Rey Mysterio and the new El Dragon Azteca are looking for. Big things are ahead for this character, and lucky for us, she is a Luchadora!

I am so happy for Melissa getting this role. We have seen the wonders she can work as an unknown, veiled character before in Raisha Saeed, so now I’m happy to see Melissa add another feather in her cap. Whether she is Raisha, Cheerleader Melissa, Alissa Flash or Mariposa, she is bound to impress. Bring it on!

Looking to next week, can Ivelisse and her boys get their Trios Tag Titles back? I predict yes. It would be strange for the Disciples of Death to drop the belts so soon, but they aren’t meant to be fleshed out characters. They are faceless druids used to amplify Mil Muertes ever powerful grip of The Temple. If they were to lose their gold, could that also spell the end for Mil’s reign at the top of the mountain? His match against Fenix next week will surely be unmissable; lets hope Catrina gets physical too. If all of her men lose their gold next week, well, I wouldn’t want to walk into her path!

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