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Lyra Valkyria (Aoife Valkyrie) Coming Soon To NXT

NXT UK’s Aoife Valkyrie is now named Lyra Valkyria and will be coming soon to NXT.

In a vignette that was aired on the Nov. 29 episode of NXT, the newly named Valkyria stated that she has left her homeland and she has shapeshifted to a new form ready for a new battleground.

The Irish Superstar has been injured for well over a year. Her last match was against Jinny in a No Disqualification bout for NXT UK in August 2021. Valkyria is one of the few women that were kept on from NXT UK once the brand went on hiatus. Isla Dawn was seen debuting on screen a couple of weeks ago. Valkyria held an undefeated streak with NXT UK until she faced Meiko Satomura in April 2021.

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