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Lyra Valkyria Takes Out Rhea Ripley; Brooke vs. Davenport Set For Next Week

The Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley continues to be busy as she made another trip to NXT this week. She was there in the corner of North American Champion Dominik Mysterio as he defended the title against Dragon Lee in the main event.

Ripley had formed some respect for Lyra Valkyria and after defeating her a few weeks ago encouraged her to go and finish the job against Jacy Jayne. Valkyria did just that as she conquered Jayne last week. But Valkyria isn’t happy and said she sees right through Ripley. Ripley manipulates people according to Valkyria and she wanted to see Dominik retain the title all by himself tonight without Mami’s help.

Later on in the main event as Dominik faced Dragon Lee, Rey Mysterio was in the corner of Lee. Ripley would get in the face of Rey which had Valkyria come from behind and knock the Women’s World Champion out of the ring. In an exclusive after the match, Ripley was asked about Valkyria. You can check out her response below.

There were two women’s matches during this week’s NXT. First Kelani Jordan had a huge task ahead of her in that of Blair Davenport. Jordan called out Davenport for this match thanks to the advice of Dana Brooke. However, when Brooke’s protege lost, she took matter in her own handa.

With a belt in hand, Brooke went after Davenport chasing her out of the ring. When Jordan went to go calm Brooke down she turned around and almost hit her with the belt. Brooke stopped realizing it was Jordan but this is a whole new side of Brooke.

Brooke will be taking on Davenport next week.

The second match had Kiana James defeat Ivy Nile. Ava and the rest of Schism and the “Schism fans” were at ringside. After James got her victory, the Schism joined Nile in the ring taunting her and asking where the Creed Brothers are. The Family (Tony D’Angelo and Stacks) made the safe to chase Schism away and protect Nile.

The NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton hd a backstage interview where after explaining a major dilemma about her wardrobe choices says that “no one” will be her next challenger.

Thea Hail meets Rey Mysterio and he tells her he knows what it is like to be the ultimate underdog. He sees her as a champion one day.

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