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Madison Rayne Praises Trish Stratus

TNA’s Madison Rayne has revealed that one of her role models is the 7-time WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Speaking in an interview with TNAwrestling.com, she says:

I loved her for so many reasons. She was beautiful, strong, and athletic and she was always a great role model for aspiring women wrestlers. She had a look that guys loved, and a personality that made women adore her as well. Her matches with Tara were some of my favorite ever to watch. The characteristics that made me love her are present in each member of our locker room. As much as I love to rip her hair out of her head in the ring, Taylor Wilde has the same presence about her that Trish always did. She’s strong, athletic, and… well.. she’s no Beautiful People, but she’s…. anyway… she’s good.

It just goes to show the reach that Trish has had on many women getting into the industry, as a role model for girls that aren’t even affiliated with WWE.

Earlier this week, WWE’s Maria also had some positive words about Stratus.

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