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Madusa Reveals That She Still Has Original WWF Women’s Championship

Former WWE Women’s Champion Madusa aka Alundra Blayze has revealed that she still has the original WWF Women’s Championship belt and would like to drop it to current Divas Champion Beth Phoenix in a match.

In a video blog posted today, Madusa answered a question about whether she’d like to return to wrestling. She said: “I’d like to do just a little angle and that angle would be [that] I do still have the original [WWF] Women’s Championship belt. I still hold it. No one ever took it. I still have it, by the way, WWE. Who would I wrestle for it? None other than Beth Phoenix.”

Speaking on Beth, Madusa added: “She is probably the best wrestler out there. She looks good, she has the knowledge, she has talent, she has what it takes to still carry herself through to hit the pinnacle of her career. She hasn’t hit that yet. They’re not letting her. They’re stifling her.”

“I think if I could do just a little angle and actually give her a title of meaning. Not that the [Divas Title] doesn’t mean anything, [but] this comes from old school. Like giving something to a future great from a past great.”

Madusa, known in WWF at the time as Alundra Blayze, infamously defected from WWF to WCW in December 1995 and threw the Women’s Championship belt in a trash can live on Monday Nitro. Following Madusa’s departure, the Women’s Championship was deactivated but brought back three years later in 1998 when the Women’s Championship belt that we all know, held by the likes of Trish, Lita etc., was introduced.

Watch Madusa’s video blog below:

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