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Mandy Rose makes an appearance on NXT; Aliyah is done with the Robert Stone Brand

If there were two surprises on this week’s NXT, the credit goes to Mandy Rose and Aliyah.

First, RAW Superstar Mandy Rose appeared during the scheduled match between Sarray and GiGi Dolin. Dolin was having her first singles match since joining the company and having Rose come out on the stage certainly wasn’t what anyone was expecting. She appeared to be scouting during the match and when Sarray picked up the win after an innovated suplex, Rose seemed very impressed.

Speculations are now running rampant as to what Mandy’s purpose was appearing on NXT. Is she returning to the brand? What does this mean for her and her tag team partner Dana Brooke? Is she looking for someone to join her and Brooke on RAW? Look’s like only time will tell. Rose does appear towards the end of the show after Aliyah leaves the Robert Stone Brand.

Aliyah & Jessi Kamea with Robert Stone at ringside were set to take on Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro in tag team action. Aliyah and Kamea found themselves on the losing end of the match as par the course for the Robert Stone Brand. Catanzaro got the pin on Aliyah after hitting the 450 Splash.

After the match, Aliyah was fed up. Kamea was out at ringside recovering from the match as Aliyah pushed and shoved Stone telling him that she has done more for him over what he has done for her. She followed up the verbal attack with a physical attack on him. As she left him battered in the ring, she left the ringside area after receiving chants from the crowd.

Once Aliyah made it to the back, Franky Monet quickly appeared and regrouped Kamea and Stone. The new trio walked to the backstage area as they ran into Mandy Rose.

Rose comments that it appears the Robert Stone Brand is under new management.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? What is Mandy doing on NXT? Is Aliyah ready to make some waves? Join the discussion below.

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