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Maria Confuses a Lack of Talent With Being an Underdog

We here at Diva Dirt are often maligned for “bashing” or being prejudiced against certain Divas. Now, while we always combat those claims, it appears as though Maria‘s getting tired of the criticism too. Of course it’s not our criticism that’s bringing her down (Diva Dirt’s reach isn’t that far *yet*), but apparently the Smackdown Diva has been heard enough complaints about her improvements in the ring (or lack thereof), taking to her WWE Universe blog to stick up for herself:

What’s up all you stars and studs!!!! I am not a person to respond to anger and cruelty but lately I have had such a hard time even getting on this site. Mind you I do not claim to be the greatest wrestler or the quickest learner. I work hard, I get in the ring, I try and still can’t win all the time or even some of the time. Wrestling is hard. I love it and that is what keeps me going. I love what I do. Now, I do want to say spank you to everyone that supports me and everyone that understands what it is like to always be the underdog. You are my passion!!! Passion is my motivation!! if you want to be negative that is okay. I just can’t read your comments cause negativity breeds negativity. I refuse to get down on myself. I could lose a million times and mess up a thousand things and as long as I love being out there I continue to march on. That is what all people try to do. Continue on! Live breathe, love, and be happy! I grew up in a small town and always heard NO to all of my crazy big dreams. I continue to hear NO now and it does not scare me. It inspires me. Michelle can beat me, kick me when I am down, get in my face but I will survive. I will keep going as long as one little girl, boy, man, woman or even my dog still believes in me. I have a great family and I fight for them. I continue to fight. Passion is my Motivation and no one can beat out my PASSION!! Spanks and Kisses, Maria Kanellis

Personally, I feel that the “working hard” sentiment was forfeited years ago. It’s one thing for a girl that’s new to the ring to be awkward and take a bit to advance her skills, but Maria’s been in the WWE and training since 2005 (all she did in 2004 was hold a microphone) – that’s over 3 years. Melanie and I have discussed this numerous times: either a girl has the skills or she doesn’t. Some, no matter how hard they try, simply don’t have the ring presence. Maryse is an example of someone who picked up ring presence practically over night, allowing her to become a convincing wrestler light years ahead of schedule, if Maria’s progress were to be a measuring stick. I believe Maria will always be awkward in the ring, unless she finds a way to stop running on her tip toes and deliver a convincing punch. She desperately needs that “It” factor and she’s been looking for it for 3 years now – all signs seem to indicate that that ship has sailed.

What do you think? Are Maria’s critic’s being too harsh? Can she really become a great wrestler? Or do you believe, like me, that she’s been simply treading water all this time? Sound off in the comments!

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