Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Maria, Why So Serious?

Oh Maria, you never fail to amaze me; girlfriend has some serious delusions of grandeur. The Playboy covergirl expressed in her most recent interview with IGN that A) she wants to become Women’s Champion and B) she wants to start up a clothing line with Mickie James. No… seriously. *Deep breath* That’s a whole lotta lulz in one sentence. Read below:

IGN: Obviously, the last few months have been very busy and rewarding for you, going from Playboy to WrestleMania. How do you plan on topping that?

Maria: Well, whenever there’s a line, it’s to be crossed. I crossed the Playboy line, and the WrestleMania line, and now, I wanna become women’s champion. That’s first and foremost, and I’ll have to work my butt off, but I’ll put the work in. I’d love to do some movies with WWE, and I’d like to do something in the music industry. I have ideas about my own clothing line with Mickie James. My brother’s having a baby soon! My sister just made the dance team! The family comes first. As long as I can get them in and still achieve my dreams and goals, I can do them all.

Oh my. To be honest, I can’t fault her desire to be Women’s Champion. Who doesn’t? I think with the right improvement and being drafted to SmackDown!, she could be in contention for the new Divas Championship. It’s the line about a clothing line with Mickie James that makes my eyes tear – and not just because I have hayfever. What are they gonna call it? “House of Tack” sounds good. The fact that Maria and Mickie James believe they’re fashionable enough to launch a clothing line is just high-larious. If you’re looking for bell-bottoms or anything of the leopard print variety, House of Tack is totes for you. But for those of us who are actually sane, Halloween comes but once a year…

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