Friday, April 19, 2024

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Maria, You So ~*Fashionable*~ Girl!

Here is WWE’s resident fashionista Maria, looking so fashionable and fly! Okay, if you had a straight face reading that sentence, you got issues! Maria and her pooch rocked Animal Fair magazine’s 9th annual Paws for Style last night and I guess homegirl read the memo wrong – you’re not supposed to dress like a dog, Maria. My belief is this is one of Maria’s very own creations, God knows the poor girl probably slaved over that sewing machine weeks in anticipation of this event!

Girlfriend paid some serious attention to detail with her latest creation, working out the quirks to match the dress to the event: I mean why else would she be wearing her pooch’s dog leash as a neck strap? Oh and Maria, the little veil on your head – such a nice touch. Seems like someone watched Sex and the City this summer and got a little too overzealous! It’s not like Maria is invited to red carpet events on the regular so points for eagerness, but in short: it seems Maria’s turn at Carrie Bradshaw looks more like the Dog Whisperer.

Judge for yourself by checking out the pics below!

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