Friday, July 19, 2024

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Mariposa lurks in the shadows on tonight’s Lucha Underground

As things continue to get sinister between Marty “The Moth” Martinez and Melissa Santos, Mariposa has issued a warning to Melissa Santos and her brother, saying she wants to “keep it in the family.”

Also on tap for tonight is an angry Sexy Star as she calls out Joey Ryan for interrupting her Mask vs Mask battle last week.

LU released this preview for tonight’s episode:

“It’s a kick start to chaos on the all new “Lucha Underground” as Dario confesses to Matanza he was wrong about Rey Mysterio. Colors collide in an all-out biker’s brawl when Son of Madness and Son of Havoc’s feud runs wild, who will ride the road to ruin? Plus, find out what happens when Joey Ryan pushes too far Wednesday, August 30th at 8:00PM ET. Don’t miss new one-hour episodes of the lucha libre wrestling series from Emmy Award-winning producer Mark Burnett Wednesdays at 8:00PM ET on El Rey Network.”

Lucha Underground airs tonight at 8 pm ET on the El Rey Network. Episodes can also be purchased on iTunes and Seasons One and Two are available on Netflix and Amazon.

Are you excited for tonight? What else do you want to see during the show? Sound off in the comments below.

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