Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Maryse Says She’s ‘Bionic’ & Comments on Fan Response


Everyone’s favourite French fry, Maryse signalled that she is A-OK after surgery yesterday in Birmingham, AL. yesterday by writing that she’s ‘bionic’ on her Twitter page.

In a later tweet, I’m guessing she is responding to fan response/criticism to her match at Night of Champions and/or her injury. She writes:

to WWE univers good morning, in good or bad u see u all stil talk write and dream about me! have a good day haha The sexiest of Sexy

Translation: “To [the] WWE Universe, good morning. In good or bad, you all still talk, write and dream about me. Have a good day, haha!” Good = support for her injury? Bad = criticism to her match on Sunday?

I’m sure her tweets are in character [somewhat anyway] but it’s nice to see that she’s doing well after her surgery. In the face of a major surgery, she hasn’t she humbled? That’s our Maryse ♥

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