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Maryse’s Birthday Celebration set for next week’s Raw Jan. 24

Maryse will be celebrating her upcoming birthday on next week’s Raw.

This will be the last Raw before the Royal Rumble where Diva fans will be watching as both Maryse and Beth Phoenix will be in the ring as they team up with their husbands in a mixed tag team bout.

Since the announcement of Maryse/The Miz vs. Beth/Edge, Maryse has wanted nothing to do with it, so it seems. On the Jan. 17 episode of Raw, Maryse invited Beth out to the ring by sending her a note that states she wanted to just talk woman to woman. Beth of course didn’t buy that and knew that Maryse was up to something, so she brought Edge out with her to the ring.

Maryse tried to convince Beth that they should actually be friends and on the same side instead of against each other. She reminisces about their time in the Divas division and how they laid the groundwork for the women of today. She tried to convince Beth that the match should be called off for Royal Rumble but The Glamazon wasn’t buying it.

As Phoenix entered the ring to give Maryse a taste of what is to come in their mixed tag match, The Miz appeared and attacked Edge at ringside. This was a distraction for Beth who was then hit by Maryse with her purse that laid out the Hall of Famer. As Edge went to assist his wife, The Miz and Maryse headed up the ramp and revealed that it was a brick inside of her purse that she used to lay out Beth.

With one more Raw before their big match, will Beth get some revenge at Maryse’s birthday celebration?

Also on this week’s Raw, Dana Brooke had a sweet moment with Beth backstage. Beth congratulated Dana for getting some gold within the company after all of her hard work. She did what she could to give reassurance to Reggie ahead of his match with Omos and accompanied him at ringside.

Nikki A.S.H. turned on Rhea Ripley last week even though it was Ripley’s idea to go their separate ways. Rhea wanted to continue to be friends but Nikki has determined that Almost all Superheroes do not need friends. They were set to go one-on-one but the Women’s Tag Team Champions Carmella and Queen Zelina interrupted. They explained how everything they predicted about Nikki came true and then they started to target Rhea. This gave Nikki the chance to jump her former partner and attack her.

Lastly, Alexa Bliss is continuing her journey back to Raw with a second therapy session. Last week she destroyed her therapist’s office. She participated in a word association but everything that her therapist said to her garnered a response of Lilly. Once the words “doll” and “imaginary” were presented Bliss was clearly at her breaking point which chased the therapist away. Instead of repeating what happened last week, Bliss chose to calm down and sit back in her chair to end the segment.

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Check back in with Diva Dirt for all of your news and results from the women of Raw as we head into the Royal Rumble.

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