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Maybe Nia Needs To Take A Step Back?

Nia Jax has finally spoken out, via Twitter, and here’s what she had to say:

Becky Lynch clapped back on her and Ronda on her Twitter.

Becky has been reading these girls for filth, and the legend of “The Man” grows.

Clearly Nia is going the Rhea Ripley route and play off the injury to gain some heat and what have you, but the difference is Tegan Nox for all intents and purposes, injured herself, and Rhea was not careless in her match. Nia straight cold cocked Becky in her face, breaking her nose, concussing her, halting the momentum of “The Man”, who was the hottest act in the company and the buzz of wrestling. In one fell swoop, she also put the brakes on the money match of Survivor Series. If you have not seen the punch felt ‘round the world, look below.

Now, in the wrestling world, accidents and injuries happen, but at what point do we examine that maybe Nia is just unsafe? Careless? As Stephanie McMahon said, lazy? In looking at the video, you can see that Nia really let that punch fly, there was no inadvertent elbow or anything like that, that was a straight punch in which Nia looked at Becky before laying it.

There has been talk about Nia, and a lot of people have been calling for her firing, or at least demotion, such as Bryan Alvarez:

The part about his tweet that was eye catching was the “This isn’t the first, second, or third time”. Which prompted some digging and investigation.

In going through Nia and the list of women who have been injured by her, it was kind of surprising. Nia has been wrestling since 2015 and in that time has injured Bayley, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, and Zelina Vega. Her carelessness could have injured Charlotte Flair twice, and she also could have hurt Tamina. Let’s look at the receipts.

Charlotte Flair:

Nia, in Charlotte’s last match on Raw in 2017, could have concussed Charlotte when she first gave her a shoulder breaker, but crushed her head, not shoulder, then dropped her on her head, then not being in position of the moonsault causing Charlotte to almost fall on her face and potentially injure her face and chest.


In a match with Bayley in July 2017, Nia Jax locked in an elevated Chicken Wing, or the Bitch Clamp popularised by Jazz, and dropped Bayley on her shoulder, causing Bayley to miss SummerSlam and her women’s title match with Alexa Bliss, speaking of….

Alexa Bliss:

During their Backlash 2018 encounter, Alexa was said, per, to have suffered a shoulder injury. Watching the match back, you can see parts where Alexa is clearly favouring her arm and at the end of the match is clutching her arm and seems to be legitimately in tears. This has never been 100% substantiated as a work or legitimate, but if you look at how Jax was ragdolling this girl, also levelling her with a hard, stiff, clothesline, given their size disparity, the injury could have been legitimate.

Zelina Vega:

At the close of the first-ever all women’s PPV, Evolution, Nia and Zelina were the final two in the ring for the battle royal. The finish came when we saw Nia military press Vega over her head and throw her over the top. Only she threw her when Tamina was not in position to catch her resulting in Vega hitting the ground on her head, and Tamina getting a busted nose as Vega’s feet and knees crashed into her face.

While this site is based on the idea that it’s all “sisterhood” and “positivity”, that does not absolve women of their words, or actions. Nia has been wrestling for four years now. In the last two years, she has put 4 women on the shelf, could have seriously injured another, caused minor injury to one, and we’re not even going to go there with some her potentially hurting Asuka when she botched a backbreaker in NXT. Nia is booked to be a monster and powerful, but the issue is she seems not to know her own strength and is pretty sloppy. I do not believe Nia wants to intentionally hurt any woman on the roster, or that these injuries are of malice or ill-will, but it does not change the fact that she needs to tighten up. She had no business on the Main Roster as quickly as she was, she simply was not ready for prime time. Her matches are not all that great, and she really had no time to flesh out her moveset, and hone her craft the way it needed to be. I would never want anyone to lose their job, but WWE needs to send her back down to the Performance Center for a while and focus on her training. No reality, award, or late night shows, no RAW or house shows, she needs to go back down to the PC and get her wrestling down, again. If Mark Henry and Big Show can do it, if Emma could do it, she can too. In this conversation, names like Sasha, Brie Bella and Seth Rollins are used to take the flack and heat off of Nia, but the difference being is Brie has only ever hurt one woman in 12 years, Seth Rollins has been wrestling for over 10 years and those injuries were quite a ways away, and Sasha’s label of “unsafe” when she ended Paige’s career could have happened with any other woman, as it’s a dangerous spot, and a stupid one to have done with her issues, but none of them have injured four people in two years.

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