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McCool Responds Part 2: Does Michelle Read Diva Dirt?


Following her somewhat controversial blog last night, it seems Michelle McCool has caught blogging fever. The Diva seemingly woke up to an influx of messages on her WWE Universe page from fans bringing up, as we did, Trish Stratus‘ comments to Times & Transcript earlier this week and decided to set the record straight, in an early morning blog.

However, not to sound big headed, but her latest blog seems almost like a reply to my post earlier today, where I kinda criticised Michelle for her brash, stern response to the fans. Perhaps it’s just coincidence or maybe Michelle reads up Diva Dirt, like all of you guys! What makes me think this? Because Michelle addresses the ‘bitchy’ tone I suggested she had in her first blog last night and does a complete 180 in this new blog, harkening back to the days when her blogs were all sweetness and light. What do you think?

Some of you expressed how much you loved it, others thought I was being a little blunt on my response. If you were offended or don’t think I elaborated enough, I am truly sorry. It’s just a topic that I have commented on several times and don’t think I’ll ever be able to make everyone happy (it’s taken me 29 years to realize this and try to accept that I won’t be able to make everyone happy all the time).

Perhaps it’s just coincidence and I’m not the only one who brought up Michelle’s change in attitude? Speaking of coincidence, Michelle insists it is simply a coincidence that both she and Trish Stratus mentioned the crowded Divas lockerroom, in the same week. Michelle writes:

A few of you asked if I was responding to a comment about the “girls locker room” that Trish Stratus apparently made. I’m not sure what you are talking about or what comments she made, so no. I would if I knew what her opinion was or was 100% sure what you guys are talking about. However, I was just answering the general questions that were coming in about whether or not I feel there are too many girls, is it hard to get storylines because of all the girls, etc. That was it…just trying to answer your general statements. I was wondering though why I was all of a sudden getting so many of the same concerns…maybe you answered this question. :)

That’s one happy coincidence, right? I’m not saying Michelle is lying and I’m sure she isn’t, but an interesting coincidence nonetheless. Two Divas (well one past Diva) mention the overcrowding situation in the same week, I personally think that says a lot about the state of the Divas roster in WWE. I will say this in WWE’s defence, they may have a much larger roster than they have in the past, but they have the highest number of workable girls than they’ve ever had before. And by ‘workable’, I mean Divas who can wrestle (albeit in most of their cases, not very well). Out of 20 Divas, there’s about 2-3 who don’t or can’t wrestle. That means there’s 17-18 girls who are ring ready and can wrestle on any given week. However the downside to that is, the Divas that are over and are being pushed aren’t getting screentime every week. Just ask Michelle, she hasn’t appeared on SmackDown for two weeks now.

Anyway whether or not she does read Diva Dirt, I admire the fact that Michelle is able to stand up and address the situation when fans, me included, think she’s gone a little too far. Classy lady.

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