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Meiko Satomura Match Confirmed For Sept. 6 NXT 2.0

Meiko Satomura receives not just one but two challenges for this week’s NXT 2.0. She can only accept one and that was the woman who got to her first, Roxanne Perez.

Satomura is coming off Worlds Collide without gold around her waist as Mandy Rose unified the NXT & NXT UK Women’s Championships in a match that also included Blair Davenport. Rose pinned Davenport for the win which ended Satomura’s reign at 451-days.

In a Digital Exclusive, we first see Perez thanking Satomura before she walks off-screen. As Satomura walks backstage, Cora Jade stops her and challenges her for a match this week. When The Final Boss declines, Jade questions if she is scared to face her because she will get another L. Satomura informs her that she cannot accept because she already has the challenge by Perez.

Check back in with Diva Dirt on Sept. 6 for the NXT Discussion Post to discuss the fallout from Worlds Collide.

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