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Meiko Satomura to defend the NXT UK Women’s Title against Xia Brookside on Dec. 2

Meiko Satomura has her next challenger for the NXT UK Women’s Championship and it is going to be Xia Brookside. Since winning the title from Kay Lee Ray in June, Satomura has successfully defended the belt against the likes of Amale, Stevie Turner, and most recently Jinny.

Brookside demanded a championship opportunity from Sid Scala saying that her daddy was going to talk to him. Scala agrees to a title opportunity and she was granted it. Despite getting her title shot booked, Brookside wasn’t happy that it was coming so soon as she faces Satomura next week. She says a week is not enough time to prepare.

As for the matches that took place this week, Isla Dawn defeated Aleah James while Jinny was successful against Angel Hayze.

Isla attacked Aleah last week backstage after Aleah defeated Nina Samuels. This week Isla picked up the much-needed victory after delivering a royal flush and pinning her opponent in the middle of the ring. Post-match, Dawn grabbed her box full of trinkets and gave James her hair scrunchie back.

Dani Luna was originally slated to face Angel Hayze, but it was Jinny who came out saying that Dani couldn’t compete. Jinny also confirms that she has ended her business relationship with Joseph Conners.

Hayze had picked up the shocking win against Isla Dawn in her debut match for the brand but it wouldn’t go so well for her this time around. After nearly defeating Satmoura for the championship, Jinny was hell-bent on getting back in the win column. Jinny made short work of Hayze after delivering a Makeover to get the victory.

Nina Samuels had exclusives from both Jinny and Meiko Satomura during her training with Emilia McKenzie on her Nina Samuels Show.

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