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Melanie Observes: Is It Cool to Hate McCool?


As well as writing about Divas day in, day out, I like to make sure I know my field as best I can. I try and keep up to date with all of the companies and stuff, anything special or out there. And one thing I often do, is gage the reaction of the audience. From your comments on Diva Dirt, to people’s Twitter accounts to trolling Diva message boards.

In the past 24 hours, I’ve noticed an abundance of comments along the lines of, “If Michelle McCool wins the Women’s Championship I will…” usually ending in ‘kill myself’, ‘kill her’, ‘boycott SmackDown’… whatever takes your pick really. Not to mention her personal relationship with the Undertaker, which for some reason, seems to draw a lot of ire from Diva fans on the message boards. I’ll be really honest, Diva fans are not the easiest audience – you’ll find a dozen people who will fault anything and everything, anywhere you look. Why watch the product if all you ever do is bitch about it? Surely you need to apply credit where it’s due? Nope! Women’s wrestling in WWE, the predominant form of it in North America, is not taken seriously by the company but by the fans it’s somewhat held up on a pedestal. While maybe more knowledgable fans will be able to understand and comprehend WWE’s standpoint when it comes to Divas, the majority will not.

It’s a double-edged sword: Those in-the-know fans that know that WWE has a somewhat disregard for the Divas, will likely roll over and play along with the product, like myself. I will take it at face value and try my hardest not to over-scrutinize because I know that the product I’m being delivered is mediocre, but what can I do but try and look for the best in it? I, and the entire Diva Dirt team, try our best to look for the best on Raw, SmackDown and pay per views. Then there are fans who are less knowledgable and less likely to play along, who expect nothing but the best – but they never actually get the best, nor will they unless something drastic happens to Vince. See where the problem lies? It’s these fans that continue to poke holes in issues that won’t ever be rectified, I’m sorry to say. There’s nothing wrong with being this type of fan, I guess, it shows that you believe in the potential of the women and respect the talents of the thoroughbreds i.e. Beth Phoenix, Mickie James etc.

But back to task… Michelle McCool. It seems almost as if it’s cool to hate McCool. And for the life of me, I can’t begin to understand why. Is it because she is dating the Undertaker? If so, what business is it of ours? People assume that anytime Michelle gets a title shot or anytime she gets a push, that her relationship and potential backstage stroke has something to do with it. I say potential backstage stroke, because yes, while she does have the power to go to her boyfriend and make things happen for her – what evidence have we got to suggest that she has done that?

Could it not be that Michelle is pushed regularly because she has proven to become one hell of a wrestler? In my humble opinion, McCool is the most decorated and talented wrestler of any female to stumble out of the Diva Search banner. Could it not be that Michelle is pushed regularly because has proven to be a consistent worker? She’s been wrestling nearly every week for the past year and has yet to have an injury (touch wood). Her wrestling style has remained consistent while others have dropped their game in the past. With her heel turn, Michelle now shows a lot of flare and character, which was the downside to her turn as a face.

If Michelle were to win the Women’s Championship and become the first Diva to hold both of the WWE’s female titles, in my estimation, it will be because she’s proven to be a great all-around Diva and she, like Beth, like Mickie and like Melina, is worthy of such an accolade.

Maybe she’s just doing her job right, getting everyone to hate her? What do I know? I am but a lowly blogger on the ‘interwebz’. But if this blog has struck a chord with you, maybe made you take it to heart a little bit, then good. And maybe in a last little message, I can offer you some advice? Find a new song to sing, please.

– Do tell me what you think of this ‘Melanie Observes’ she-bang, should it get picked up for a whole season as they say in TV talk?

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