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Melissa Santos wants to see other talents in Rousey’s spot

Melissa Santos conducted an interview recently with Women’s Wrestling Weekly. During the interview, Santos was asked several questions regarding her personal life and work in the ring. 

Some questions pertained to her recent engagement to Brian Cage and finding out she was pregnant. She then dives into a discussion on what she looks forward to next in Lucha Underground. Santos also discusses her future on Impact Wrestling

The topic regarding Gail Kim‘s comment on WWE having racist tendencies was addressed early on. Melissa Santos was asked if she found Lucha Underground to be more inclusive. Santos answered the question quickly by stating that, “It is a male dominated industry but I feel that it takes the men in that industry to set that and protect that standard for us and help bring us up”. With such an influx of talented women wrestlers, the male division has a duty to help elevate them this new era.

When the topic turned to the “100 Best Female Wrestlers” list by PWI Insider and Ronda Rousey was mentioned, Santos gave a drawn out sigh. She conveyed that she felt that there were so many other ladies who could have taken that top spot. Santos also said that since Ronda is so new and there are so many other more qualified ladies, Ronda simply did not deserve the first spot.

Santos then gave details on her Lucha Underground fight choreography. She absolutely loved being able to fight throughout “the temple” and being thrown through glass made out of sugar. When asked what she looks forward to the most in the next season of Lucha Underground she responded, “I would love to have something with me and Bryan”. Perhaps a couple gimmick will be on the way?

Now that Melissa is planning to head over to Impact Wrestling, the question is how will she be involved in the promotion? Melissa stated that she might ring announce but may be involved in several different ways. Although her role is yet to be determined you can expect to see her on Impact Wrestling.

Santos also mentioned her original plan to ring announce for WOW and how she got started in wrestling. She was one half of the tag team known as “Tropical Storm” in WOW, along with her tag team partner Paradise. Even though Santos will not ring announce for the new WOW there might still be some possibilities in the future.

Be sure to check out the full interview on Women’s Wrestling Weekly Youtube channel.

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