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Mercedes Moné Responds To Giulia: “You Know Where To Find Me”

Could we be seeing both Mercedes Moné debut in AEW and also become an instant champion?


On Thursday, Giulia made a statement to Tokyo Sports in regards to the NJPW STRONG Women’s Title. A championship that was originally designed with Moné as inaugural champion in mind. However, due to injury in that match, it was won by Willow Nightingale. Since July, Giulia has held the title since defeating Nightingale. Now, Giulia has confirmed she will be leaving STARDOM at the end of March and will be a free agent. Who will she drop the title to?

Well Giulia told Tokyo Sports the following –

“I have been thinking ever since I won the belt that I have to put this belt on the line and beat Moné to overturn this saying. I can’t tell you right now where I will go from here, but I will continue to defend this belt until I find Moné.”

Moné has since responded, saying that Giulia knows where to find her and hints that it is at AEW’s Big Business where she is expected to debut in her hometown of Boston on March 13.

“You standing on big business or u just standing around! You know where to find me Julia.”

Giulia is set to defend the NJPW STRONG Women’s Title at a STARDOM event on March 10 just days before AEW Big Business against Stephanie Vaquer.

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