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Michelle McCool Delivers Some Real Talk, Addresses Critics in the Divas Lockerroom

Retired Diva, Michelle McCool, joined Torrie Wilson and Lilian Garcia on the Tough Enough After Show this past Monday. Michelle’s official fansite has a transcript of her interview in which she was asked about whether there was any cattiness or backstabbing in the Divas lockerroom because of her status as ‘top Diva’.

Read below:

Torrie Wilson: Do you feel like the more you went up the ladder, getting the belts and being on television and had all these great things happening, do you feel like you had to work harder to prove yourself to the women? Did you see a lot of clawing and backstabbing, or was it… helpful?

Michelle McCool: Oh, gosh. No. You know the answer to that question! (laughs) The higher you climb the ladder, everyone is going to have a reason as to why you’re there, why you’re on TV, and they don’t want to believe the fact you’re in the working hard, fighting for storylines. Instead of complaining about only have two or three minutes on TV, you want to make those two or three minutes mean something, so that you can go somewhere the next week, and the next month, and then the next three months. And that’s what Layla and I did. And, yeah. A lot of people just didn’t want to believe that; I just think that’s the easy route. I think that they did, in their hearts, know that. The backstabbing, the clawing, it’s always there. It definitely comes up more when you’re on TV a little more often. And I can laugh. A prime example, Layla and I. We pitched an idea when we were going back and forth between RAW and SmackDown. We did a pre-tape on RAW when we got kicked off: so, we show up at RAW and get kicked out of the building. Two weeks later, they call us up to be on RAW again. It’s like, dang! Of course, all of the girls are complaining. We’re just like, ‘hey, we tried to get kicked off the show. It’s not our fault. Sorry we’re here.’ But you know, it’s like. Somebody else step it up! And I know that sounds horrible, but that’s what it is.

Torrie Wilson: Do you feel like that contributed to you wanting to step away or not? Because it was getting to be… too much?

Michelle McCool: Yeah. Yeah. You know, that’s hard. Torrie, you know. You’re the same way. I think we have a lot in common, as far as our hearts go. It’s just hard when you’re not that kind of person. When you don’t want to be miserable, when you don’t want to have that drama and… the drama just follows you. All due to the situation or the position that you’re in. It wears on you, as much as you’d like to say ‘I don’t care what the girls think!’ or ‘I don’t care what they’re saying!’ – I just want to go out there and do my job! It got harder each and every single week, just because it hurt me as a person. The kind of person that I am. You don’t want to feel that way.

You can read the rest of the transcript here or watch Michelle’s appearance here.

Thoughts: I don’t know about you guys, but Michelle definitely served up some #RealTalk right here. I admire her candor!

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