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Michelle McCool Reveals Recent Neck Injury, Comments on Tables Match

Former Divas Champion, Michelle McCool spoke to her official site recently in celebration of her 31st birthday and revealed a few noteworthy tidbits in the interview.

McCool revealed her recent neck injury, a bulging disc between her C5 and C6 vertebrae. Michelle said:

I did have two bulging disc in my neck (between C5 & C6). I’m not sure exactly when it occurred or if it just happened as a result of constant wear and tear, but boy did it hurt! It was probably the worst, pain wise, at Hell in a Cell. I remember barely being able to move my neck at all. It was so bad that day (& about 4-5 days after) that I couldn’t even bend my head down far enough to scratch my forehead. I was diagnosed the following Tuesday after HIAC when I had an MRI. I took it easy in the ring for a few weeks after.

She also commented on the tables match last December between herself, Layla and Natalya & Beth Phoenix.

The extreme makeover match was pretty fun, but nothing will top the rush I had during the TLC match. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did! I felt it for several days after, but I loved every bit of it! I hope they continue to give the divas more opportunities like that. It was so refreshing to do something so extreme. The crowd loved it too, which is always nice! I actually thought they were ribbing us when they told us that our match would be a table match as well! It took asking about 5 people before I actually believed it.

You can read the full interview here.

Thoughts: Michelle is no doubt a controversial figure, but that doesn’t take away from the sacrifices she makes in the ring just like everyone else. Kudos to her for being a trouper and working with her bad neck. And I certainly hope there are more boundary-pushing matches to come.

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