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Mickie James Blogs on Her Debut Album & Single

With just a day to go until her music is unleashed on the world, Women’s Champion Mickie James has spoken at length about her new album, Strangers & Angels, in particular commenting on her debut single ‘Are You With Me?’ which will be added to country radio tomorrow:

We are less than 18 hours away from the debut of my very first single to country music radio. Its titled “Are You With Me” and words can not begin to describe how incredibly excited I am. Its been a lot of hard work and tons of fun! I am so very grateful to have been blessed with such an extraordinary team that has helped bring this dream to a reality. For everyone who has stood by my side through this all and help keep me on this wonderful journey. My friends, My family, My James Gang!, The entire WWE Universe…. I could not have gotten to this place without each and every one of you. I have poured my heart and soul into the entire album that will be released March 23rd entitled “Strangers & Angels”. I do not know what will come of it all but I hope and Pray for the best! I have my faith…. Through this entire project God has provided miracle after miracle…. So I let go… He shall lead the way!

Just a little background on “Are you with me” This song was actually a last minute addition to the album. It was written by EMI Writers Rhett Akins & Dallas Davison, as well as Warner/Chappel writer Ben Hayslip. I really think you all are going to love it as much as I do! This song was actually chosen by my producer Kent Wells. He p html_removed ulled it back out for me to really listen to it one last time when we were recording in the studio. I must say that he is a genius! Understand that I listened to thousands of amazing songs to include on the album. So narrowing them down to the perfect songs to represent me was a tedious task in itself. But with the help of my entire team and a few close friends and Family I was able to bring out the best for me… Or so I hope! I believe that this song is the perfect first single for me. Once you hear it you will understand! (Read more)

While I have little to no expectation for Mickie’s music, I really do hope that her music is a hit with those who it’s geared at i.e. the country music market. With Taylor Swift becoming one of the world’s biggest artists and winning Album of the Year at the Grammys, country-pop is at it’s peak so it’s a perfect time for Mickie to capitalise. I’m not a fan of that music but even I am hoping to be surprised. Looking forward to hopefully discussing her song tomorrow here at the site!

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