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Mickie James chats about her recent return match on RAW

Mickie James recently sat down with Ring the Belle to have an interview that went over her top five moments of her career. With a 20 plus year career and cementing her legacy in the wrestling business, this is hard to narrow down. During the interview, James spoke about her recent return to the ring after over a year of absence.

Her return last Monday on RAW has been riddled with controversy as the six-time Women’s Champion received the short end of the stick. Treating James’ in-ring return as an afterthought, she didn’t receive her entrance, she lost via count-out, and though the majority of the match, the focus was on Seth Rollins arguing with Samoa Joe at ringside.

The match was against Natalya who is a veteran in her own right and the two would have put on an amazing match if the fans were able to see it.

Her return was hyped up on social media and it was all for nothing after the execution. She had the following to say to Ring the Belle:

“They broke the internet for all the wrong reasons. Nattie is badass. I felt like we’re gonna have a great match, we’re gonna kick butt. I felt like there’s some genuine magic to be made there and to have to tell a really great story. It’s just unfortunate that nobody saw it. You know, it’s bullshit. I’m hot about it, but I am grateful to be back. It’s just unfortunate.”

She has spoken many times that she hopes with this new run with the company she can get back into the championship picture and win her seventh title. Since returning to the company in late 2016, James hasn’t had much of a push towards championship status. The following is what she has to say about what she wants in her future:

“I hope to remind [everyone] of who I am and why my name is Mickie James. And why I am the baddest bitch in the game. No, but seriously, I hope to remind them why I feel like I am the measuring stick.”

In the interview she also speaks about how she almost debuted as a team with CM Punk, her huge reaction when she came face to face with Trish Stratus in the Royal Rumble, and her infamous Piggy James storyline.

Credit: WWE

About her Royal Rumble interaction with Stratus, James said:

“You hope for those moments. You hope that people and the fans are going to remember and that they’re going to give you that same respect. Because you see it happen, and you see it happen for the guys all the time, and it’s so great. I still get chill bumps on reactions like that. But then for it to come to happen for us I think, it was like whoa, That was cool. It was like, ‘yeah we did our part.’”

Many will remember the controversial storyline that James found herself in with LayCool. This was the “Piggy James” storyline in which James was bullied, insulted, and fat-shamed. She commented on how she felt during that time and the message it presented.

“It was hard at the moment, and I think it was hard for everyone in order to do it. There would be times I was like, ‘oh I think this might be a little too far.’ But I will say the end goal was to get Michelle and Layla over as monster heels and as the big heels, and I think it was very successful in that retrospect. And I think that for a generation of people especially now with like speaking out and anti-bullying, it’s given people the power of their voice because words are so powerful.”

For the full interview and the break down of the top five moments can be viewed in the video above.

All credit, including transcriptions, goes to Ring the Belle.

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