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Mickie James highlights the double standards based on age and gender when receiving opportunities

WWE legend Mickie James took to Twitter to call out the double standards of age in the wrestling business. James responded to the recent WWE signee, Taya Valkyrie, who asked why people talk negatively about age.

James agreed with Valkyrie stating that it is expected for women to consider retirement after the age of 35. In comparison, male wrestlers are glorified and even champions. WWE Superstars like Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Edge, AJ Styles, and current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley are all over 40 and top-level stars.

There is undoubtedly weight to James’ argument when considering the difference between her status and Goldberg’s

Goldberg is over the age of 50 and tends to be thrust into the title scene whenever he returns. While James is a legend in the industry, her return in 2016 hasn’t received as many accolades as her returning male counterparts. The wrestlers mentioned above, such as Bobby Lashley and Edge, returned to WWE with much fanfare and championship opportunities galore despite their age.

Mickie James returned to NXT in 2016 to challenge Asuka in a great match at NXT TakeOver: Toronto. The following year she rejoined the main roster after a six-year absence. However, glory and gold have not been present for the former six-time WWE Women’s Champion due to WWE criminally underutilizing her ever since. For example, she returned from injury in 2020. Her last singles match was against Zelina Vega on RAW in September of last year. James wrestled at the Royal Rumble but, despite being fit and healthy, hasn’t appeared for WWE television since, nor is she assigned to RAW or SmackDown.

The WWE booking of Mickie James is grossly mishandled and not befitting of someone of her legacy. Is it because of her age? It certainly seems as though that may be a possibility.

What do you make of Mickie James’ comments? How do you think WWE has treated her since her return? Sound off in the comments below.

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