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Mickie James Says WWE Release Broke Her Heart

Speaking to Alex Marvez, five-time Women’s Champion Mickie James says that her release from WWE in April ‘broke her heart’ and she even considered saying that she was done with wrestling. Read below:

“It broke my heart (to get released). I admit it,” said James, who initially landed a WWE developmental contract in 2003 after spending four years on the independent circuit and in TNA Wrestling. “I had given so much of my life to this and sacrificed so much. I missed weddings, birthdays, my nieces being born. I starved on the road when I first tried to make it. I slept at rest stops because I didn’t have the money for a hotel. I wanted it that bad.

“When you get that call (from WWE) that you’re hired, it’s the greatest call in the world. It’s even better when you get the call that you’re coming to TV (tapings) and debuting. But when you get the call saying you’re gone … What bothers me is, I could see if I didn’t get a good reaction, but I would get the largest reaction of any female on the roster no matter who I was on the bill with. I still don’t understand why, but that’s life.”

“For a while, I was going to say I didn’t want to wrestle at all because I’m still heartbroken (about WWE),” James said. “But I do love it so much. I intend to wrestle here and there and do the shows I really want to do, especially if it’s with someone who’s a friend of mine or someone I never got a chance to work with.”

Read the full interview by clicking here. It’s a really great read.

Hearing Mickie’s struggles: sleeping at rest stops instead of hotels etc. is really inspiring to see how far she has come. There are lots of youngsters who see WWE and want to become a wrestler but let that be a lesson, it’s not as glamorous as it looks.

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