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Mickie James Talks About Being a Woman in a Man’s Sport

Now former Knockouts Champion, Mickie James, talked about the trials and tribulations women in wrestling continue to face in a new interview with the Ledger Enquirer.

Mickie admits that, despite being a top name herself in the business, wrestling is still male-dominated and the women aren’t taken as seriously.

She says:

As a woman I want to prove myself even more. I might not be as tough as the guys but sometimes I have the match of the night. Then the guys have to go out and top me. It’s still such a male-dominated sport that we’re not taken seriously. We still have lingerie matches and pillow fights. It’s a real task. But most of the fans know who I am.

Mickie also comments on the rumored union of former Diva, Stacy Keibler, and Hollywood star George Clooney:

She’s hot stuff. I heard she dated George Clooney for a minute. I’m so jealous. That’s awesome. She’s really branched out and done things as a female that the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin have done. But she’s never really been a wrestler. She’s done lingerie and pillow fight matches.

The article seems to have been pulled from the Ledger Enquirer website for some reason, so we can’t link you to the full piece. Credit to for the excerpts.

Thoughts: I think there are promotions, particularly on the independent scene, that do give women their dues and put them in main events, realizing they are draws. CHIKARA, as we discussed on Diva Dirt Sheet, is an example of this. You can listen to that chat with John Hyperion here. On that podcast we discussed promotions giving women top billing over men. Of course, this likely will never happen in WWE, TNA or ROH.

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