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Millie McKenzie wins Sendai Girls Junior Championship

At a young age, Millie McKenzie is slowly shaping up to be one of the best athletes in her industry. She only just turned 18-years old and she already sports a stellar resume. Not only has she won titles in major promotions, but she’s wrestled inside of a WWE ring.

Both are accomplishments that some wrestlers never accomplish in their careers, yet alone their first couple years in the business. The fact that McKenzie has done so in such little time is a testament to her extraordinary skill set as an athlete.

In the first week of 2019, McKenzie opens up the year by continuing to bolster her in-ring resume. Jan. 6 saw Suplex Millie walk into an episode of Sendai Girls in Tokyo, Japan to challenge
Ayame Sasamura for her Sendai Girls Junior Championship.

McKenzie would walk out of that match with the title around her waist.

The Sendai Girls Junior Championship is still a fairly new title introduced for the Sendai Girls Pro Wrestling promotion. Sasamura became the first woman to win the title back on Oct. 14 and held it right up until McKenzie was able to slap her shoulders down to the mat.

Like McKenzie, Sasamura is still fresh in this industry with a career spanning just over a year. At the age of 23, Sasamura has impressed audiences with a repertoire that exceeds well beyond her years in this business.

McKenzie being the one to win her title has to be a huge honor as it places her in the history books as not only the second ever champion, but someone who had to beat a tough-as-nails inaugural champion to do so.

It’s very much a “To be The Man, you’ve got to beat The Man” situation and in this very moment, Millie McKenzie is very much The Man. Well, she’s not The Man – that’s Becky Lynch’s job – but McKenzie’s still one heck of a wrestler. Time will tell if she makes for one heck of a Junior Champion as well.

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