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Miss Elizabeth Action Figure to be Released by End of the Year, Bella Twins Figures Announced attended the 2011 Ringsidefest event in New York City. The Mattel action figure team took part in a Q&A session about the WWE action figure line and their plans for said line as they enter into the new year.

Diva-related tidbits are below:

* There are plans to release new versions of some of the Divas, including Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix. The female characters are paced out because unfortunately, they don’t sell as many as the male characters and told fans that if they want more, buy the ones that are released. If the product sits on the shelves, the newer stuff will be backed up in warehouses because the older releases don’t move out of stores. They want to do as many Divas as they can.

* There will be an Elizabeth action figure available at at the end of the year. If she does well, they can hopefully do Sherri Martel and others.

*They are getting samples of a Bella Twins set next week.

What do you all think? Which ones would you buy? And who do you think they should make an action figure of in the future? I would love to see Kharma, personally.

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