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Molly Holly reportedly backstage at tonight’s RAW


In a report by PWInsider, it is being stated that Hall of Famer Molly Holly is backstage at RAW tonight. In the report it says that she is there to have a try out as a potential producer for the company.

Being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, Molly has continued to maintain a good relationship with WWE. She has appeared in two Royal Rumble matches, one as herself and one as her Mighty Molly gimmick.

She is a two-time WWE Women’s Championship and has also held the Hardcore Championship. Her tenure in WWE spanned the course of five years from 2000-2005 where she decided to leave to spend time with her family.

She was pivotal in her iconic Hair vs. Title match against Victoria at WrestleMania XX. The match wasn’t originally set to be on the card but she pitched the idea to Vince McMahon. She ended up losing that match resulting in having her head shaved.

What would you think if Molly became a producer? Could this be a benefit for the women’s division? Leave your thoughts below.