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More Melina “Confessions” – Thoughts On Mae Young

Melina‘s posted yet another Internet Confessions blog, discussing women’s wrestling pioneer Mae Young and her induction into the WWE Hall of Fame:

At ‘Mania and the week leading up to it, emotions ran high and history was made… Do we forget that? Do we take those moments for granted and not realize what we are witnessing and what we are a part of – WWE history? I really hope not.

The Hall of Fame is so incredible and I look forward to it each year. I cry like a baby and I am so overwhelmed with emotions. I am filled with pride and am inspired. When I hear about what the inductees went through in their lives and how they saw the business, I feel for them and it reassures me that they went through the same things that I went through and am going through… And look! We are there celebrating their greatness and thanking them for what they have done. Instantly, I am more motivated than I have ever been before.

I admire each and every one of the Hall of Famers, but I always look forward to the women who are inducted the most. There are so few women in wrestling, so few getting inducted. On that night, you hear stories about their journey and you hear about the person they are and were. I look forward to hearing the women because there is no one better to identify with and to thank for why I am here than those women who made this all possible.

I loved watching Mae Young get inducted. She was introduced by one of the most creative wrestling minds I’ve ever met and a person who cares so much about her, Pat Paterson. He was very entertaining and he gave us a look into who she is.

Moolah on Mae Young: Free willed and strong minded. Vibrant and energetic. Passionate! And as we have seen, she is so funny and entertaining! The woman is up for anything and loves wrestling very much. Above all, in a world that can be difficult and cruel (yet very gratifying), she remains so sweet and so positive. I can’t help but hug her forever when I see her. She makes everyone smile!

When I saw the clips of Moolah talking about Mae, I cried so much. What a thing to see! What wonderful things to hear from your dearest friend who couldn’t be there. Those two were always together! Even apart, they are still together and still believe in one another – still making lasting impressions.

Mae Young mentioned that one of the greatest compliments she ever received was from Ed Strangler Louis. He told her, “I don’t like girl wrestlers. Women should not be in the ring; they should be in the kitchen. After seeing you, you were born to be a wrestler.” Mae said she believes that. So do I.

Her passion, love, determination and dedication drives me and inspires me. Thank you for everything you have given, Mae. Thank you for being so strong and so talented. Thank you for your kindness and your energy. Thank you for making what we do today possible. I will be here on your 100th birthday to watch you have your match. I love you.

With so much love and admiration,

Personally, I love reading Melina’s blogs. They’ve got more depth to them than more of the other Divas’ offerings. It’s all up to personal preference, but I definitely prefer reading Melina’s thoughts over, say, Maria’s fashion tips. But that’s me, of course.

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