Sunday, May 28, 2023

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More NXT Name Changes: Becky Lynch & Devin Taylor

becky devin

Not to be outshined by their fellow NXT Divas Alexa Bliss and Veronica Lane, Rebecca Knox and Brittany Fetkin have also unveiled their new WWE ring names.

Following on from the news of Lexi Kaufman and Erika Hammond’s name changes, Knox and Fetkin have taken to social media to spill the beans on their new monikers.

Knox will now be going by the name of Becky Lynch, and she declared that it’s time to join the “Lynch mob”. Becky tweeted:

Fetkin will now go by the name of Devin Taylor and she tweeted that you can shorten it too! She said:

Four name changes in one day and all the girls got surnames? Has hell frozen over?

Which Diva’s new name do you think suits them best?

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