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Naomi becomes livid in WWE Exclusive: “Bump the nice girl stuff, it’s a wrap. No more of this.”

Naomi & Lana were unsuccessful in their title shot against WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax on last night’s RAW. While Naomi was preoccupied with Jax on the outside, Lana had Baszler pinned for well over a three-count.

The issue was the official for the match was distracted by Reginald on the ring apron. This led to Baszler locking in the Kirifuda Clutch which caused Lana to tap out.

After the match in a WWE Network Exclusive, Naomi is pissed.

Lana feeling very defeated isn’t sure what else they can do when Reginald consistently gets involved and the tag champs cheat over and over again.

Naomi chimes in, “We gotta do something, this can’t keep happening. This is not okay, we work too hard. We’ve come too freaking far. I’m livid, I am pissed, okay? Bump the nice girl stuff, it’s a wrap. No more of this. If we got to cheat, if we got to do stuff behind the ref’s back, that’s what it’s gonna be. Or find another person because it’s three against two, week after freaking week.”

Reginald has been a catalyst in many of the victories that Baszler & Jax have had as of late. The champions have had ongoing feuds with multiple tag teams for months and when they end up retaining their titles it tends to always have Reginald involved in some capacity ever since he has been by the side of the champions.

Currently, there is not a tag title match scheduled for the upcoming WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view. If a match is booked at the very least there is a good chance of it being a Triple Threat match between the champions Jax/Baszler against Naomi/Lana and Tamina/Natalya from SmackDown.

What do you make of what Naomi had to say in this WWE Exclusive? Leave your thoughts below.

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