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Naomi gets a much-needed win with the help of Sasha Banks on SmackDown

On this week’s SmackDown, Naomi picked up a much-needed win in the fight along with the help of Sasha Banks.

The two did team together a few weeks ago on the same team as Aliyah in a six-woman tag match, but this time the two of them faced Shayna Baszler and Natalya. Despite Tamina no longer being on SmackDown, this did feel like a Team B.A.D reunion.

With Sonya Deville on commentary, Naomi had to continue to watch her back as the WWE Authority has continuously had it out for her in recent months. Banks would have Naomi’s back earlier in the day as she confronted Deville. She blamed Sonya for not allowing her to pick her team for Survivor Series as they all betrayed her. She adds that if Naomi was on the team, they would have won.

Banks then asks what Deville has against Naomi. She denies having anything against her to which The Blueprint adds that it must be because Sonya is jealous of Naomi.

Naomi was able to pick up the win for her and Banks when she pinned Natalya. Deville being on commentary would stand and give a clap to Naomi for picking up the victory.

Also on SmackDown, Charlotte Flair addressed her loss to Becky Lynch at Survivor Series before Toni Storm interrupted. Storm concluded that she was right and what was going to happen at Survivor Series did happen and Flair lost to Lynch.

Flair continues to double down saying she is on a different level and how she barely even knows that Storm exists. It then turns physical and Storm sends Flair out of the ring, but the champ sends a pie into the face of Storm. Flair continues to taunt her before shoving a second pie into her face.

Another promo aired for Xia Li with a ‘coming soon’ caption again. It would be the second comic book promo referring to herself as “The Protector” as she tells a story about her older brother who is a pacifist and kind who is too good for this world. She talks about hating vultures and fighting back against them.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for all of your news, rumors, and results on the women of SmackDown.

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