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Naomi & Lana earn a shot at the Women’s Tag Team Titles

Naomi and Lana made their returns in the Royal Rumble match on Sunday. Lana hasn’t been seen in a little over a month but Naomi has been out of action since August.

The last time we saw Lana she was actually being removed from a Women’s Tag Team Championship match alongside Asuka. This prompted the return of Charlotte Flair who took her place. Now, Lana has a shot once again to go for the tag team titles with Naomi by her side.

The Women’s Tag Team Championships changed hands on the Royal Rumble Kick Off show. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler became two-time champs as they dethroned Flair and Asuka after they held the titles for only 42-days.

On tonight’s RAW, there was a Triple Threat match with the winners becoming the number one contenders. Naomi and Lana defeated both Flair & Asuka as well as Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke. Flair & Asuka were determined to get back at the titles but thanks to Lacey Evans yet again they failed to do so.

Prior to Evans and Ric Flair causing the distraction, all competitors in the match hit a move and Lana narrowly escaped a Figure Eight thanks to Mandy Rose. Moments later Charlotte hits Rose with Natural Selection as her father’s music hits. As Evans and Ric come out, Charlotte tags in an unexpected Asuka. The Queen then leaves the match and heads up the ramp.

Asuka, left alone, then gets hit by a Rear View by Naomi who then gets a pin on the RAW Women’s Champion. When Lana & Naomi will get their title shot has not been announced at this time.

What did you make of Naomi & Lana becoming number one contenders? Leave your thoughts below!

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