Friday, December 1, 2023

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Naomi makes a post to honor the last day of Black History Month

With today being the last day of February, Naomi makes a post in regards to Black History Month stressing how representation matters. In the post, she includes photos of herself, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair, and Ember Moon. She also gives a nod to those who broke down the doors, walls, and ceilings before them.

Naomi hasn’t been the only one to celebrate the history and look forward to the future. Bianca Belair along with her husband Montez Ford has been posting all month long on each day highlighting the individuals who have contributed to Black History & Culture. She also stresses how representation matters and recently has gone on record by saying that it is not a request it is a requirement to have. You can view some of her posts below. You can check out her Twitter for all of her posts.

Belair and Sasha Banks will continue to represent and break barriers as they will be facing each other with the SmackDown Women’s Title on the line at this year’s WrestleMania.

Latest Posts

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