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Naomi opens up on why she needed time away from the ring

The former two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion Naomi recently opened up about her hiatus that occurred during 2019. She was away from the company for the back half of the year and wasn’t seen since July. In September she did address her fans letting them know broadly why she was on a hiatus. She confirmed that she was grieving due to the loss of a family member as well as taking care of her own health issues.

Naomi has recently sat down with Women’s Weekly Wrestling to open up about her time off. She explained that her cousin, who was more of a sister and the same age as her, passed away during childbirth. That combined with her own health discoveries she had the following to say:

“I finally just had to get myself together mentally, emotionally, physically, I was just breaking down. So, when I asked for that time off to bury my cousin and to go back home and be there with my family and her kids that are left here. I ended going to the doctor to see what was wrong with me because it was, it was, very hard for me to get through matches, I was extremely fatigued all the time. I was literally chugging energy drinks just to get through the days of traveling and matches, like, I was just, just didn’t know what was wrong with me.

I found out I was severely anemic and I never knew that…So bad to the point where the doctors told me had I came in later, whatever count was at a 9.4, if it would have got under a 9 then I would have probably been threatening a blood transfusion, which that just blew my mind…because I always thought I’m like fine, I’m healthy, I’m eating good, you know, It was that and I found out I had a stomach ulcer, I was completely vitamin D deficient

Credit: WWE Twitter

Naomi would further discuss many topics including racism in the wrestling industry.

“From the social media. That’s something on the regular that we deal with all the time, every day, it’s crazy the type of negativity I get. One of the things that bothered me is that people feel like they can say whatever they want, be as disrespectful as they want; and talent has no right or room to respond back or should just be quiet or take the higher road. I feel like you can state your opinion and still take the high road, you can still check people without being disrespectful…” 

There was a time also that Naomi found herself not really being used on television. At that time she threw out the idea of her being utilized on NXT. She admires NXT and felt that if she could have gone over to that brand then that could open a bunch of new possibilities. This was said to be a year ago, so at that time NXT wasn’t considered fully as the third brand as it was still on the WWE Network. She wishes she could work with Bianca Belair.

“I asked about a year ago to go down to NXT to work, I just I think NXT is awesome, I love NXT. And at the time, I wasn’t  really being used as much on the main roster so I was like, ‘Dang, can I go down there?’ And see what I can get into and what could happen… and I just love the talent down there. I love Bianca…her personality, her spirit is even more beautiful so that was one idea I had either was to go work against her or to be with her…but it just wasn’t the right time. And B is also a star all on her own and I think they want her to be that and come into her own but it’s just a dream of mine we’ve never officially had two African-American tag team champions…”  

For the full interview including her relationship with Jimmy Uso, where she sees her future going, and her doubts of returning at the Royal Rumble feel free to watch the full interview below.

Naomi will be facing Carmella tonight on Friday Night SmackDown for a chance to face Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Super ShowDown.

What are your thoughts on this interview? Do you see Naomi having a prosperous 2020? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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