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Natalya: “My Time Will Come”


Arguably the best female wrestler on the WWE roster right now, fans and critics alike have been wondering just why third-generation Diva, Natalya hasn’t shot to the top of the women’s division. Well the SmackDown Diva has spoken out, in an interview with SunSport, saying ‘her time will come’:

“I think sometimes if you get something too quickly it’s not a lot of fun.

“For me it’s about proving myself and proving my worth when I get that opportunity.

“I do feel like my time will come and when it does I will represent my family — my father, my uncle Bret, my uncles that have passed on — and prove that I am one of the best female wrestlers in the history of sports entertainment.”

Tyson agreed, adding: “A lot of WWE Divas have risen up pretty fast in the past but I don’t see many of them around anymore.

“Natalya hasn’t had a chance to show everyone what she’s made of yet, or myself and David.

“It’s just a slow, slow progression whereas I would rather have had a meteoric rise.”

Nattie does make a valid point, her uncle Bret only reached his pinnacle [the WWE Championship] at the age of 35 says the article. But as well know, for the women in the industry — specifically WWE — there is a shorter shelf life.

It is true that a lot of Divas that have shot to the top too soon haven’t had longevity [Candice Michelle] and even the ones that are still at the top like Mickie James are considered ‘stale’. However, I just can’t help wonder if Natalya will end up going the way of her former BFF, Victoria. WWE has shown little interest in giving her a substantial spot in the women’s division despite a strong start upon her debut. At least Victoria had a couple of years of success before becoming a jobber to the ‘flavours of the month’ but for Nattie, it was a couple of months of success.

It’s hard to be patient when so many talented girls like Natalya and Gail continue to ‘bubble under’ with no sign of nurturing for an eventual ‘big break’.

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