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Natalya Talks What Continues To Drive Her, Wants Another Title Reign

Natalya is 16 years into her time with WWE and 23 years in-ring experience total. She sat down recently with Chris Van Vliet where she talked about her career.

“Because my career wasn’t picture perfect and because it didn’t work out exactly how I wanted it to in my head, it has driven me so much….It’s like this for everybody. I want to be a champion. I want to have this, I want to have that. And for me because it didn’t always work out perfect, it’s left me really, really hungry. Because I feel like the second you get comfortable and the second that you get complacent, and the second you stop fighting, is when it’s over.”

Natalya also goes on on say she still wants to be champion. When asked if she is still hungry to become champ she says –

“Yes, of course. And I am hungry to do it all

But I am also grateful that I haven’t had it all handed to me because theirs a danger in that. I always feel like the ones deprived or that didn’t get everything in the long run really succeeded.”

The full interview can be watched below:

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