Thursday, June 13, 2024

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New Details on Cameron’s DUI Arrest

Last night news broke that Diva Cameron was arrested early Friday morning on charges of Driving Under the Influence. Today, TMZ has dug up some new details on the arrest.

TMZ reports that Cameron attempted to bribe officers to let her go, offering them $10,000 and fearing that “she would lose her job” otherwise. The report also states that Cameron blew a .20 on her breathalyzer test, more than twice the legal blood alcohol content in Florida, which is .08.

A male passenger who was in the vehicle with Cameron at the time of the arrest told officers that the two had been drinking martinis before getting on the road.

TMZ received a statement from the WWE, who said about the incident:

“Ariane [Cameron] did not alert us to this matter, we are investigating and will take appropriate action.”

It seems as if WWE officials were learning about this the same time we were. Time will tell what other consequences are in store for Cameron.

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