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New WSU Tag Team Champions Crowned, Jillian vs Kristin Astara & More

Women Superstars Uncensored have crowned brand new tag team champions.

At the PWS event in Queens, NY, last Friday, the team of Amber and Lexxus (The Boston Shore) defeated Marti Belle and Tina San Antonio (The Belle Saints) to win the WSU Tag Team Championships.

The Belle Saints were forced to vacate the titles in March, just days before WSU’s 4th Anniversary show, when Tina San Antonio was sidelined with an ankle injury. Marti Belle went on to reclaim the gold when she brought in former WWE and ECW alumni Jazz as her tag team partner, and it was later determined that the belts could be defended under the ‘Freebird Rule’, with San Antonio able to defend the titles as well.

The Belle Saints will get a rematch at the WSU’s June 25th event but it seems as though the two might not be even on the same page. Marti commented on the loss on Twitter:

“I can not believe that just happened. I am honestly at a loss for words. When you think someone’s got your back, they’re just not there.”

She also responded to a fan whom asked her whether she thought she and Jazz would be a better team than she and Tina:

“….I’m torn, I love Tina and owe her a lot but she’s really changed a lot. Only time will tell.”

It is also worth noting that The Boston Shore currently have an undefeated tag team record in their two years of being a team in WSU, so this should prove to be a very interesting match.

If you would like to pre-order WSU’s Uncensored Rumble iPPV on June 25th to see the rematch, click here.

Read the latest WSU press release for more information on the tag title change and more:

[notice]State of WSU Press Release For 5/31/11
— New Tag Team Champions Crowned
— Brittney Savage Keeps Momentum
— Free Videos of WSU Stars Talking June 25th
— WSU re-signs with
— WSU to release 2 brand new DVDs this week
— WSU returns to LIVE iPPV on 6/25 on

This past Friday night, at a PWS show in Queens, NY, The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexus) defeated The Belle Saints to win the WSU Tag Team Titles.

It has been a rollercoaster of a ride for The Belle Saints & Jazz. When Tina San Antonio went down with injury, Jazz joined the Belle Saints in defending the WSU Tag Team Titles. However, it seems in recent times that Tina San Antonio isn’t nearly as excited nor ecstatic about Jazz defending the WSU Tag Team Titles as Marti Belle is.

Tina’s questioning of Marti’s motive cost them when the Belle Saints met the Boston Shore in a WSU Tag Team Title match at a PWS show in Queens, NY.

The Boston Shore, who already held a win over the Belle Saints at the WSU 3 Year Anniversary Show went into this tag team title showdown as an undefeated unit.

With miscommunication, the Belle Saints handicapped themselves against one of the strongest tag teams in womens wrestling today.

In a ten minute match, Amber hit an enziguri on Marti Belle, allowing Lexus to pin Marti Belle, giving The Boston Shore their first ever taste of WSU Tag Team Gold!

As a result of the Belle Saints loss, WSU has signed The Boston Shore vs The Belle Saints for the WSU Tag Team Titles on the 6/25 “Uncensored Rumble IV” iPPV. This will be The Boston Shore’s first WSU Tag Team title defense.

Another match on 5/27 at the PWS show in Queens, NY saw Brittney Savage dominate and make short work of newcomer Nikki Styx. Savage defeated Styx quickly after a diamond cutter. Savage, who put up her #1 Contender spot, as she is the 2011 J-Cup winner, looked more motivated and calculating than ever before. WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martinez, who has made over 40 World Title defenses in her 27 month World Title reign has been billed as the favorite in the 6/25 showdown between Martinez & Savage. However several experts are predicting that it is Savage’s time in WSU. If 5/27 was any indication, Martinez may be facing her toughest challenge yet.

WSU cameras were backstage at the 5/27 PWS show in Queens, NY and caught the following:

Belle Saints Explode:


Boston Shore Talk Big Title Win:


Brittney Savage is Ready For Mercedes Martinez:

WSU is proud to announce that we have signed another year contract with produces the WSU “Uncensored” show at

New episodes of our second year with will debut in less than two weeks and will feature a preview of The June 25 “Uncensored Rumble IV” iPPV.

WSU is happy to continue our working relationship with

“WSU Uncensored” is currently the highest rated show on the Inasectv network and WSU looks to continue that accolade.
WSU is proud to announce that we will be releasing two new DVDs this week – “The History of the WSU Spirit Title” & “The History of the WSU Tag Team Title” DVD. Never before released matches will be on these sets. A full match listing & cover art will be released shortly.
WSU Returns With The Biggest Womens Show of The Summer on 6/25 in Union City, NJ
For ticket ordering info visit:

WSU Returns Live to iPPV on GoFightLive.Tv on 6/25 with The Uncensored Rumble IV

Poster For The Event:

To Pre-Order This Event on iPPV & Save $5 Check Out:

WHAT: Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) presents “The Uncensored Rumble IV”
WHEN: Saturday, June 25th
WHERE: The ACE Arena, located at 725 Sip Street in Union City, NJ
BELLTIME: Meet & Greet From 4pm-6pm, Show starts at 7PM
TICKET INFORMATION: $20 in advance, $25 the day of the show. The ticket allows you entry to the meet & greet and guarantees you a seat for the show.
iPPV Ordering Information: Watch This Show at for only $9.99 in advance or $14.99
For more information, email [email protected] or visit

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), the leader in womens wrestling today, is proud to announce our fourth iPPV event, as WSU presents “The Uncensored Rumble IV” on June 25th, 2011. For the first time ever, The Uncensored Rumble will be broadcast on iPPV! Fans in attendance & fans who buy the iPPV are guaranteed 10 matches, including every WSU Championship being defended, as well as the Uncensored Rumble Battle Royal match.

BREAKING NEWS: WSU is not in the business of false advertising. We regret to inform that Latasha and Jazz, who were both advertised for this show will no longer be appearing. Latasha will be making her Japan wrestling debut. We wish Latasha the best of luck in Japan. Jazz is currently moving and has a personal matter to attend to on 6/25. Both Jazz & Latasha will be back with WSU once they are available for bookings. WSU wishes both of these female stars well and we can’t wait to have them back.

WSU has signed 10 matches already for this show. Here is the straight line-up, with new matches announced

The Fourth Annual Uncensored Rumble Match
The winner of this 25 woman battle royal, contested under “Royal Rumble” rules, will become the new number 1 contender to the WSU World Championship. The winner of this match will challenge whoever the WSU champion is at the next WSU iPPV event. The people competing in this match include everyone else who has matches on the card except for Mercedes Martinez, Brittney Savage & Cindy Rogers. In previous years, we’ve had surprise entrants for this match & live on iPPV, you never know who will show up…

WSU World Title Match
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs 2011 J-Cup Winner Brittney Savage

First Time Ever
Nikki Roxx vs Serena Deeb

Uncensored Rules Match
Alicia vs Jessicka Havok

WSU Spirit Title Match
(c) Sassy Stephanie vs Rain

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Tina San Antonio & Marti Belle vs The Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus)

Retirement Match
Cindy Rogers vs Allison Danger
* Win or Lose, Cindy Rogers will be retiring after this match, due to severe injuries.

Kristin Astara vs Jillian Hall

Niya vs Barbie

The Fourth Annual 8-Woman Elimination Tag Match
* The first person eliminated in this match will enter the Uncensored Rumble at the number 1 position. The person to score the final elimination for their team will earn the right to enter the Rumble as the last entrant.
“Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee & Jamilia Craft & Jana & Nikki Styx vs Allisyn Kay & Rick Cataldo & Monique & Jennifer Cruz

Due to new talents being added and several being unable to appear, fans can notice there have been several match changes, the biggest one being Kristin Astara vs Jillian Hall now being added! Kristin Astara has told WSU that this match will be a life experience for Jillian. More on this match to come.

With Jazz being unable to appear due to personal reasons, due to the “Freebird” rule, the Belle Saints are now scheduled to defend the WSU Tag Team titles against The Boston Shore.

We are promising that this will be the biggest womens wrestling show of the summer. The future of many careers will be impacted at this show. The course of WSU will change at this show and make sure to be there live or see us on iPPV to see what we mean…[/notice]

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