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New Year’s Knockout Eve Spoilers (December 31st, 2009)

Below are spoilers for next week’s big 4 hour New Year’s Knockout Eve special for Impact. Click the ‘+’ to read.

New Years Knockout Eve
Match Number One: Hamada defeated Madison Rayne with a Hamada Driver.

Match Number Two: ODB defeated Traci Brooks with a TKO.

Match Number Three: Roxxi defeated Velvet with the Voodoo Drop. Jeremy Borash was going to interview Roxxi after the match, but Lacey attacked Roxxi.

Match Number Four: Awesome Kong defeated Daffney with an Implant Buster

Match Number Five: Hamada defeated Roxxi to advance to the Finals. Roxxi’s ribs were taped from the earlier attack by Lacey Von Erich.

Match Number Six: ODB defeated Awesome Kong to advance to the Finals. ODB hit Kong in the head with a bottle of whiskey when Kong tried for the Awesome Bomb.

Match Number Seven: The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Young Bucks with a wheelbarrow codebreaker in a fast paced match. During the match, the Young Bucks were able to hit their signature moves. The crowd was behind the Young Bucks and there were chants of ‘Sign the Bucks’. This was a tryout match for the Young Bucks.

Match Number Eight: Lizzy Valentine defeated Amber O’Neal with a Tornado DDT in another tryout match.

Match Number Nine: ODB defeated Hamada to become the Number One Contender for the Knockouts Title. Kong came out and set up a table for Hamada to use in the match. Hamada missed the moonsault through the table and ODB got the win with the TKO.

After the match, Jeremy Borash came out to interview ODB and ODB said that she will get her title shot on January 4th. ODB said that Tara is a diva and not a Knockout.

Tara came out and called ODB a failure as a Knockout Champion and a failure as a woman. Tara slapped ODB and both women brawled. Security came out to break up the brawl. (Source:

Thoughts after the cut:

Melanie’s Thoughts
As mentioned earlier today, Amber O’Neal and Lorelei Lee were two of the names we confirmed last week. The initial idea was to have them work as a team, more specifically, work as Team Blondage. It looks like TNA opted to put Lee with Hunter instead.

Let’s hope Hamada wins the Knockouts tournament. No one needs ODB vs Tara again.

EDIT: What in the actual fuck?! So ODB, instead of just invoking her freakin’ rematch clause, wrestles three times in one night for the same opportunity? Lame as hell. And frankly, no one wants to see this feud continue. The match at last night’s PPV was bad enough.

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