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Night of Champions: Mickie James vs Katie Lea has announced that Mickie James will defend her Women’s Championship against Katie Lea at Night of Champions, hurrah! And after last night’s mixed tag team match, I’m pretty much sold… I can’t wait to see these Divas go at it! Read the full preview below:

WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James has held her title since April, defeating numerous opponents and showing the world why she deserves to be a four-time Women’s Champion. At Night of Champions, James will defend her title against Katie Lea Burchill, who – along with her brother Paul – has been introducing the Raw roster to their smashmouth brand of competition for the past two months.

On April 18, Mickie James won the WWE Women’s Championship by defeating a Diva who many thought to be an unbeatable opponent, Beth Phoenix. Proving that size and strength weren’t everything, James took down The Glamazon, and has managed to hold the powerful competitor at bay for the past two months.

At around the same time, the Burchill siblings made their Raw debut. Initially, Paul did most of the fighting, but in recent weeks Katie Lea has proven that she is more than proficient in the ring. While partnered with Beth Phoenix in a tag match against Mickie James and Melina, Katie Lea even did what The Glamazon could not, pinning James for the win. Katie Lea even went on to pin the current Women’s Champion again during an intergender tag match.

Mickie James struggled long and hard to reclaim the WWE Women’s Championship, and now she is being forced to face a Diva who has already pinned her twice in the past. At Night of Champions, will James be able to retain her title, or will Katie Lea Burchill walk away as the new WWE Women’s Champion?

This is a very interesting and logical match choice, but I wish they had more storyline going into it. I half expected a repeat of Mickie vs Melina vs Beth, because they have stopped and started a Katie-Mickie feud so many times over the past month or so. One of the big issues (which I’ll touch on more in RAW Redux) is that with the Divas, they start storylines and then drop them and go back to them. Sure, the end product is usually great but I wish there was more consistency in the execution. The Beth-Melina feud seemed to be the exception but they managed to ruin that this week as well.

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