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Nikki ASH’s Superhero Dreams Become Reality

Nikki ASH is having an excellent week.  A surprise winner of the Money in the Bank briefcase followed with a successful cash-in has WWE’s newest superhero the new RAW Women’s Champion.

It was only recently that the former Nikki Cross did a 180 on her character much to the fans’ dismay.  But with this gimmick change and the story being told, there is so much goodness within it.  Perhaps the change to Nikki’s character may not be ideal, but it is what she needed.

This isn’t the first time the superhero gimmick has been used.  Fans ultimately fell in love with The Hurricane, Mighty Molly and Rosey among the more recent successful heroes.  In retrospect, the stories with our superheroes did its job in entertaining fans.  It’s a new generation and a new era to bring in something that is positive in the pandemic world we are living in.  Why not take the risk?

Photo: WWE

Nikki ASH’s husband made it known on social media that the gimmick is her idea.  She pitched it, got it approved, and here we are.  In this case, the risk was worth the reward for her. 

Her recent wins bring forth the idea of putting your mind to something and achieving that goal.  For Nikki ASH that was becoming Miss Money in the Bank and the RAW Women’s Champion.  Nikki was the underdog in the Money in the Bank match, and fans were even speculating she would be the first woman to unsuccessfully cash in the contract.  

Photo: WWE

But now that Nikki ASH has dethroned the Queen Charlotte Flair, she is at the top of the mountain.  It is a visual for younger girls who are becoming more interested in women’s wrestling in general.  If she can do it, maybe they can too!  That is always a great message to tell fans, especially the kiddos.

Whatever is next for Nikki ASH, she’s ready to take on the challenge. Flair will certainly want revenge but for now, it’s time to enjoy the ride. Nikki ASH is a perfect example of working hard and staying the course. Overall, Nikki ASH is a character that is admirable telling a story that just really feels good.

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