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Nikki Bella says she wanted AJ Lee to return for Evolution

WWE Superstars Brie Bella and Nikki Bella recently took part in a Q&A session (moderated by Lilian Garcia) at an ACE Comic Con in Chicago to discuss returning to the WWE full time, WWE’s Evolution PPV and reveal Highlights of the interview below.

Returning to the WWE on a full-time schedule:

Brie: It’s been three years for me and two years for Nikki. It’s been amazing, for myself. Going through pregnancy, then having Birdie and just going through so many changes as a woman. Getting back in that ring has been really empowering. I’ve had to kind of face ‘Okay, my body is different. I’m different’ but just standing strong and being back with her [Nikki] has just been an empowering experience.

Nikki: I mean, Evolution is coming and to come back at such an amazing time for women. Not only has that been incredible but it’s been an honor. Plus, our Bella Army, I love being around them!

When they first found about at Evolution:

Brie: We were at home watching. I actually thought they were bringing in Tag Team Titles for the women. Just cause how everyone was out in the ring and how they were speaking. I wasn’t expecting an all-women’s PPV. I’ve got goosebumps just saying it out loud. Sitting on the couch and watching I was like, ‘Wait, what!?’ but it really made me teary eye. This is really a historic moment for WWE.

Nikki: I was with Brie and remember we were both just floored. I was in shock. I didn’t see it coming yet either. I thought maybe we’d see first, maybe, women main event WrestleMania and then an all-women’s PPV but I love the fact that that’s come before that. It’s amazing. I need to have a reign that outbeats the Divas championships so I’m not always called a Diva and then one day I can actually be called a Raw Women’s Champion, so I got red in my eyes and I’m looking for that championship at Evolution.

On WWE dropping the ‘Diva’ brand but still being on E! Network’s Total Divas:

Nikki: Being an executive producer on Total Divas, we’ve had so many discussions about changing the name of the show and unfortunately, it’s on network TV, you can’t just change the name one day. So they have felt that people will still be connected with it even though it’s called Total Divas. I feel like the opposite – I feel like there’s a huge disconnect because we’ve made that name so bad. And believe me as girls even in the past, I remember when they brought out the butterfly championship and we were all kind of like, ‘Oh.’ We weren’t expecting it… it’s totally cute, but it wasn’t like what the women were craving. They were craving what it is now. So that’s why Evolution is so beautiful, cause it’s the women of the past, also the future and the present fighting – you know, everyone gets to be at one show with that same vision. It’s finally coming to life.

On wanting AJ Lee to be a part of Evolution:

Nikki: I was actually hoping she was going to be at Evolution. She was a huge part of the Women’s division and if she came back, I would totally love to [wrestle her]. We had good chemistry. I really loved when Paige and AJ and Brie and I had a really good story going for a long time. I felt like that really helped with the evolution, [to] where it’s at today. So, it would be so fun.

The Bellas also discuss when they first started wrestling, taping for Total Divas and Total Bellas year round and expanding their wine brand.

You can watch the full Q&A Session below:

Would you like to see AJ Lee make an appearance at Evolution?

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