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Nikki Bella Talks Total Divas, John Cena and the Diva to Watch For

Nikki Bella recently spoke to Sports Town Chicago on a variety of topics, lifting the veil a bit on the process behind Total Divas, sharing who she thinks we should watch for on the show and why she and her sister Brie decided to return to the WWE. She also hints a bit at her relationship with John Cena and gives her prediction for his match at Payback this Sunday.

Lords of Pain‘s got the highlights:

On judging Miss USA this Sunday: “Whoever wins, their life is not only going to change for the next year, but for the rest of their life. I have some pressure on me, but I am beyond excited.”

How real is Total Divas?: “You are getting the real deal with Total Divas. Not only are you going to see our lives in the ring, which you guys get to see, but you are seeing our personal lives outside of the ring. That’s all real. It’s a little crazy that the world is now going to know the life of the Bella twins outside of the ring, but I’m very excited to share it. There’s going to be drama. There’s rivalries and you can see relationships. So I think people are actually going to be excited that they’ll actually see the Bella twins’ real life love stories. ”

Why did she and Brie return to the WWE?: “I think being away for 11 months, there was not one week in those 11 months that I did not think about being back in the ring. I think I realized WWE is my home and I got homesick. It was time to go home and it just feels great being back.”

On the future of the Divas division: “I would love to compete more in the ring with Naomi and Cameron. Naomi, she rocks in the ring. I love working with her and I think Cameron’s starting to come along. AJ Lee and Kaitlyn, they have right in your hometown [Chicago], they have a big PPV this Sunday, Payback. So, I’m very excited to see that outcome because if Kaitlyn retains or AJ gets the Divas Championship, Brie and I have someone new to go after.”

Why she’s rooting for the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup: “I love you, Chicago. I do. You guys have some of my heart, but there is a part of me that loves Boston because of a certain man [John Cena]. I just feel that I might have to keep cheering for the Bruins, only because I have to score brownie points.”

On Diva trainee Eva Marie: “Another reason why you’d want to tune into Total Divas on E! is Eva Marie, that fiery redhead, who portrays a lot of Jessica Rabbit. I see her growing in the ring and catching on pretty quick. And there is just something to her that I can see her as a star in WWE. So, I see money with that girl.”

Her prediction for the Cena vs. Ryback: “He’s the living day Superman [John Cena]. Of course I’ll be rooting for John Cena this Sunday.”

You can listen to the full interview at

Who do you think will be the “one to watch” on Total Divas?

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