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Nikki Cross comes out of character in a backstage interview

Source: The Gorilla Position

Nikki Cross is one of the more upcoming women superstars from NXT. Her character is known for being crazy. However, she recently had an interview with The Gorilla Position, where she covered numerous of topics, including the one who is the mastermind behind her character in WWE.

This is the very first time fans will see Cross out of character. When wrestlers are out of their character, it is always pretty cool to see.

One of the things Cross talked about was how none of her friends watched wrestling and that she couldn’t really talk to any of her friends about it because they never watched it. Once she got into wrestling school and started her career, she finally found a place where she belonged and where she can talk about wrestling all the time.

“100%,” Cross said. “None of my friends watched wrestling, so I felt like I had to very much like keeping it and like a tight drawer like none of my friends watched that. It was, it was very yeah, no one knows watch that. So for me, when I finally joined wrestling school in 2008, when I started training in Glasgow, I was finally around people who watched wrestling and I could talk about wrestling because I was and for me, it was I knew I belong that family. Wrestling give me a place to belong and I think the a lot of our viewers and a lot of our fans and a lot of our WWE Universe can relate to that and it gives us all this place to belong and it’s that’s very good there’s really big house, who like there’s really big family and it just gives everyone a chance to belong and I think that’s why wrestling I sports-entertainment speaks to so many people because it gives them that chance to belong.”

Cross also revealed who was the mastermind behind her crazy character. It also seems like you can tie-in what she said above because her character certainly does not fit in with some of the characters we normally see in the WWE.

“I love it,” Cross said. “No I really do love it. It’s such a fun experience. What I’ve enjoyed the most about this character, being Nikki Cross, is that we’ve been able to develop for the last two-and-a-half, three years. Triple H had this brainchild and this idea and it was his baby and then he brought the idea to me and I loved it and then I was able to bring that to life and then put my salt and pepper on it. Put my little parts on it. Bring in elements from my real life, bring in stories from real life, make her relatable because I think the character Nikki Cross, she’s so much fun and she speaks to so many different people in so many different ways. It’s almost like telling everyone, ‘Hey, it’s okay if you don’t fit in’. Neither did I, and we have so much fun and I think it really tells people to embrace…it lets people know it’s okay to be as crazy as you want and play as you want and I think it encourages people to just live in the moment and I think that’s why it’s so much fun because I get to completely live in the moment and I just get to see whatever comes out of me so there really is that real life aspect of it because I’ve made that a part of me.”

However, in a situation like Cross, no matter how crazy the character is, you can still be pretty successful in whatever you do. Cross has had a pretty successful run so far in the WWE being with NXT. She also was successful in other wrestling promotions, like Pro-Wrestling: EVE, where she was a three time champion. She was also a W3L Women’s Champion with the World Wide Wrestling League.

It isn’t known as of yet which brand Cross will stay on, but she has been appearing on Raw and SmackDown! Live a couple of times throughout the year. Superstar Shakeup is this week for the WWE, so we will see for sure what brand Cross ends up in and where we can see her character evolve even more.

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