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Nikki Cross wonders how surprised would you be if she won the Royal Rumble

How surprised would you be if Nikki Cross won the Royal Rumble match?

Seeing as she hasn’t declared her spot yet, probably pretty surprised. She posed this question when asked about her thoughts on the Rumble match this Sunday.

Cross has been posting weekly videos on social media throughout the month of January as the Royal Rumble match approaches. Her responses week after week has become angrier. These videos have not been aired on RAW. She hasn’t been seen on television for a number of weeks other than a backstage spot on RAW Legends Night on Jan. 4.

In her most recent video she asks on her thoughts about the Royal Rumble. She confirms that she has not declared for it nor has she been given the opportunity to do so. Continuing, Cross gets heated on the fact how much she is ignored now that she is on her own and no longer with Alexa Bliss. She makes valid points that Bliss didn’t win the tag titles twice or all the tag matches on her own.

She compares the Royal Rumble match to Mt. Everest and says that she is going to climb to the top and do it for all the people who have ever been looked down upon and ignored.

There have been 12 women from both RAW and SmackDown who have declared their spots out of the 30 in total. Although Cross will likely be a part of it, WWE has not made her spot official yet. It is unclear how many more names will be announced prior to the event.

You can view her prior videos by clicking here.

Would you like to see Nikki Cross win the rumble? Leave your thoughts on her most recent promo below.

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